With over 18 years of experience in domestic and international engineering projects, we have solutions for all of your project requirements. Here are some highlights of recent projects:

RBC Bearings
Complete design of  special bearing test system
with hydraulic actuators performing 3 axis loading including twist and rotation while collecting continuous data with a LabView data aquisitioin system. Tests up to 250,000 Lbs.

Vacuum Atmospheres Corp.
Complete design of inert gas glove boxes. Software control systems. Computer controlled vacuum oven system.

Trojan Battery
Final packaging line upgrade to include automated High Rate Discharge testing of large lead acid storage batteries.

Bobrick Washroom Equipment Co.
Design and manufacture of various sheet metal finishing machines as well as custom automated assembly machines.

Goodrich Aerospace
Computer controlled hydraulic winch test system with data aquisition powered by LabView.

Lock Techology BV
Computer controlled key cutting machine for cylindrical keys and special manufacturing and assembly machines.

Custom Curtain Coater for R&D
Special system for an international medical company exploring
the distribution of complex liquids onto a substrate.
250,000 Lb bearing tester
Curtain Coating Machine
with LabView Interface
This R&D Curtain Coater features programmable operation including:
Stepper motor variable speed drive
Triggered operation
Handles fluids from 25 to 40,000 cps
Curtain Die with adjustable pressure, gap and height
Adjustable flow rate
Air knife with adjustable pressure, gap and height
Vacuum extraction for excess fluids
Operator interface with spread sheet parameter system
Host control via USB port

Supplied to an international medical company for
investigating the spread of proprietary fluids onto a substrate.
This was a joint project wih Precision Research, Inc. who supplied overall system design and mechanical engineering. AAI supplied electronic design, software and controls.